In 1990, Maurizio Bavaresco, also known as Mr. Pompone, organised a first International SFC rally. By pulling the right strings, he managed to make enough people in the world know about this event which, very importantly, was open for all Laverda owners. This formula attracted many Laverda enthusiasts who made the trip to Breganze to be part of it. The thought of seeing many SFCs gather in their "birthplace" was quite exciting.

This was the start of the rally, Saturday morning 22nd September 1990, in Breganze at Oro's shop. The number of orange bikes looked promising....

The people who made the trip were not disappointed, because this happened to become the biggest gathering of SFCs ever, and seeing them all lined up at the Laverda factory was quite spectacular.

Yes, even the V6 was fired up and factory test rider Fernando de Capellotto made quite a show with it on the factory test track.

Everybody was stunned to see the V6 make many laps around the old factory test track.

Many of the big names were there, the Laverda brothers Massimo and Piero, former factory rider Augusto Brettoni, former chief mechanic Nino Caretta, Guiseppe Andrighetto, father and son Oro, Cico, Finetti etc etc. This was quite unique and gave everybody the feeling that they were part of something really special.

Augusto Brettoni finds a solution for his parking problem due to lack of stand, former SFC racer Micozzi Lauro assists.

It was an event which will never be forgotten by the people who were so lucky to be "at the right place at the right time".

This memorable rally meant the start of more Laverda rallies in and around Breganze. Maurizio's rally has become an annual event which every year attracts many people to his motorcycle restaurant in the mountains for a weekend of good fun. Massimo Laverda organised a rally under the name of 'Interclub' in 1991. This was a very well organised and very big event which included long tours through the Dolomites.