My newly acquired SFC #18408


It was quite a trip to pick the bike up in Sweden just before Christmas but sure was worth it. The warm welcome and help of Thomas who assisted me was fabulous.

This is Thomas standing behind a frozen SFC in front of his house.


These pics show the bike after I returned home. Except for the Koni shock absorbers it's original but a cosmetic restoration will do it lots of good I'm sure.



Here are some detail pics. Click on them to see them larger.


March 2000.

Since the engine fired up beautifully and sounded extremely healthy and strong which was confirmed by the high compression readings I decided to not take the engine apart. To be honest, I would have loved to take it apart just to see the special features of this engine but with an engine of which no bolts have been touched yet I prefer to first ride it a while and see how it behaves.. Here is a picture I took of the primary side after removing the primary cover. It shows the Electronica's different oil pump gear. The slipper is 'as new' which again gives me the feeling of this being a healthy engine.

I have collected the frame, the chromework is ready, all nuts and bolts have been galvanised and even the paintwork is ready to time to reassemble the bike. Here are pics of the frame with swinging arm. Note the lack of space in my workshop but I'm not complaining!

Ready!!!! Well almost. There are Konis on the bike, Cerianis will be fitted soon.